Backyard farming and its importance

Farming in limited space

The majority of homes tend to imagine that they cannot engage in farming because they do not have land, forgetting the small underutilized spaces around their homes that can be used for backyard farming. Backyard farming is the practice of utilizing any kind of space available around the home including the balcony to grow and produce food for own use and the excess for sale. The crops are either grown on micro-farms planned on the grounds or in various containers. The containers are either placed on the ground or hung around the home.

Growing specific foods

Backyard farming enables families to grow specific foods for their own use that are free from chemicals herbicides, pesticides, hormones, drugs, and genetically modified organisms(GMO). In addition to the above, the practice enables us to share backyard farming experiences with visitors and the local community. The backyard farm mainly grows vegetables, spices, and herbal plants among others.

Fresh foods are readily available

Backyard farming makes fresh foods readily available at home instead of looking for them either in the local markets or supermarkets. They can be harvested for eating at any time during the day and night. This saves both time and costs for the home and brings up the family satisfaction of eating their own grown fresh foods.

Fresh foods are available all year

During the dry period, the crops in the backyard farm are irrigated hence making fresh foods available at home when they are scarce and expensive in the market.

Healthy activity

Backyard farming provides an activity or works for the family that includes preparing the farms, preparing nurseries for seedlings, planting seedlings, maintaining the farm, watering the plants, and final harvesting of plants for food.

Plants grown

The plants grown are mainly in the vegetable family and include the following among others;

  • Leafy lettuce, amaranth greens, Sukuma wiki, spinach; and watercress;
  • Leafy onions and garlic, green papers, and small hot peppers;
  • Eucalyptus tea and cinnamon;
  • Water mint, spearmint, menthe, and others

Backyard farming promotes family savings

The family makes some savings when foods are grown at home in terms of saved time and cost of transport to the market. The food at home tends to be cheaper than those from the market because of profit loading. The saved money can be invested in other projects



We have fitted backyard micro-farms in our compound decoration plan and make our compound more natural in outlook. As a result of the benefits referred to above, we recommend to you the adoption of backyard farming practices.

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