To make the best of your Farm stay, you can take advantage of the different fun activities that we have carefully selected for you.


Nature walks

The farm has well developed and maintained nature walk routes from the Guest House to the various interesting destinations on the farm including the man created swamp, artistic ponds, bamboo forest, canoes on water, islands, eucalyptus forest, nursery garden and leisure gardens among others.


Canoe experience

The wooden canoes are locally made at the farm from Musizi and eucalyptus timber with the aim of giving local community and visitors water travel experience. There are various canoe team building exercise available on request. We also provide canoeing lessons



There are various places on the farm that can be used for camping. The facilities on the farm to support camping include public conveniences, campfires, and barbecue places.



While on the farm one will enjoy feeding the fish that include catfish and tilapia. 


Wildlife watching

The wildlife on the farm includes birds, monkeys, lizards, wild fish, and various wildlife that live in forests and swamps among others; For the birding enthusiasts, the farm because of the forest, fish ponds, and swampy area provides a sanctuary for various bird species.


Backyard Farming

In order to promote eating healthy foods, the farm has used one acre to build a farmhouse around which a backyard farm has been developed. Read more….


Bee Farming

In order to enhance food production on the farm and in the neighbourhood the farm has implemented a bee keeping or apiculture project. The bees have enhanced crop production as they are effective agents of pollination. We have so far attracted over 60 colonies of bees to our farm. The honey harvested from the bee farm is used in the farm kitchen and surplus is sold.


Carpentry Workshop

The farm has  a capentry workshop that is used for processing timber and bamboo  to produce  doors and door frames, wood windows, chairs , tables , stools  and various tradition chairs among others. The workshop has the capacity to train the youth in working with timber and bamboo. The pictures below shows the various furniture from the workshop.


Feeding the Animals (goats, sheep and cows)

This is a small and compact project intended to share information with the rural community on how to keep goats, sheep, and cows on zero grazing in case one does not have a sizeable piece of land for grazing.  Apart from producing milk and meat, the animals are also kept for producing farm manure.